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Supporting Local Businesses

Did you know that when you spend locally, on average 58% more of your money will stay in our community compared to when you shop at a multinational store?

All throughout Australia small business owners face many challenges such as the current economic climate in Australia and worrying about the increasing costs of overheads and the future cashflow of their business. These worries are just as relevant for our local Tom Price and Paraburdoo businesses as they are for the rest of the Australia.

By supporting our locally owned businesses and shopping locally you are helping combat these worries, supporting our local economy and ensuring the longevity of the small businesses in our community.

Small businesses are considered the lifeblood of many communities, and too often these small businesses underestimate the significant value and contribution they provide our communities. There are noteworthy substantial benefits that come from supporting the local businesses in Tom Price & Paraburdoo.

· Owned and Operated by our Neighbours.

Our local business owners live in our towns, they care about and are invested in the well-being of our community and its future, they are committed about the longevity of small businesses in our community. Local businesses encourage community engagement, create long term relationships which promote loyalty and commitment to the community.

· Supporting our Local Community.

Anyone who has helped raised funds in our community know our local businesses are large financial donors to our local community non-profits, sporting groups and community fundraisers. Supporting these groups supports our lifestyles, the lifestyles of our family members and ensures the success of these community groups.

· Character & Prosperity

Our local community is defined largely by the presence of our local businesses and what our towns have to offer. Our local businesses are an important part of the fabric of our local communities, making our towns more desirable and enjoyable to live and visit.

· Local Economic Stimulus

Local businesses purchase from other local businesses and provide local employment. Our local businesses use our local trade and service providers and employ local people. By spending at our local businesses, you are supporting other local businesses which in turn stimulates our local economy.

So next time you shop at one of our local businesses remember this; by supporting our local businesses you are supporting our local communities, you are ensuring the longevity of the current businesses and promoting the future growth of our business community into the future.

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