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Our mission is to create a professional and prosperous business community that instills confidence and pride in buying locally. We aim to be supportive, motivational, inclusive, forward thinking, professional, representative and independent to promote transparency and trust.


  • Maximize the flow of socio-economic benefits to the local business community from resource companies operating in the region​;

  • Build the capacity of SMEs, ensuring the long-term survival of existing businesses and growth in the number and survival of new market entrants;

  • Develop a diversified economy for the region, in particular, building additional sectors such as tourism and agribusiness.

  • Enhance the capabilities of local businesses. 


  • Engaging with and lobbying local, state and federal government regarding constraints for local businesses.

  • Informing and promoting local businesses through newsletters, Facebook page, email distribution list and website.

  • Working in partnership with relevant organisation to provide a local small business support service.

  • Developing an agenda that drives the identification of research and funding opportunities that align with the PICCIs desired outcomes.

  • Holding regular events that facilitate networking, professional and business development.

    • Sundowners

    • Business Awards

    • Workshops

  • Becoming a self-funded organisation, able to employee assistance to meet its goals.


PICCI was established in 2013 to represents the interests of businesses operating in the region. 

In 2017 PICCI underwent a process of being reactivated after a period of dormancy with events being planned, new workshops being delivered as well as funding and funding partnerships secured.


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